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SurfNexus Frequently Asked Questions

** What Is Surf
Its a traffic exchange for internet traffic where members submit there sites while viewing other peoples sites for credit at the exchange. This exchange has various programs where a member may earn or purchase advertising in the form of manual site views, autosurf site views. banner ads and text link ads.

** How do I receive my FREE bonus credits?
Simply sign up with us verify your email through aweber and after you complete surfing over 20 pages your account will be activated and your bonus credits granted.

** What Contests ?
To find out about what current contests are going on and where you place, simply log into your account and click on the contest link in your left hand link bar. Stats are uploaded daily so they do not reflect for usually the day you surf.

** How do i Upgrade?
To upgrade simply click on the left sidebar button marked pay then log into paypal to subscribe.

** How do i get referrals?
by clicking on promote us in your left hand members sidebar and using our banner code, or your referring URL link, If a visitor to the site utilizes your link you will be credited with a referral.

** How do i get payment for cash credit?
If you have earned over $20.00 in cash store credit a payment request may be made to and for either redemption of advertising or a payment to your payment processor with a 10% transaction fee deducted from the request total

** Why didnít I receive an Activation Email ?
Most likely you are using an aol email account or something of the like that automatically sent emails are rejected as spam, if you do not receive an activation email we suggest using a trying another email address.

** Which Exchange should I surf? Auto or Manual ?
Definitely surf our Manual Exchange Surfbar, We are primarily a Manual traffic exchange but offer an auto surf option on the side. Utilize it to the fullest but realize the real Quality Traffic Is Found in our Manual Exchange. Also we are not an auto surf exchange, we are a total traffic exchange offering multiple surf and traffic exchange methods including and featuring our Manual traffic exchange and its associated auxiliary advertisement means
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